Our success and company history.

Continuing the traditions of the past and bringing innovations of the future, we offer a functional tool for the implementation of your projects.

Resin Pro

WELCOME to the E-Commerce showcase of our company, specialized in the production and distribution of EPOXY RESINS and professional SILICONE RUBBERS, which are dedicated to our most demanding customers.

The goal of RESIN PRO is to give to our customers a HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT at affordable prices together with a technical support.

We are focused on the satisfaction of our customers and when contacting us, you will talk to experienced staff, who will be able to clarify any aspect of the order, like special techniques or receive advice on the most suitable application cycle for your needs.

For more than 4 years we have been working in Italy and for more than 2 years in France selling our epoxy resins through online stores (our office is located in Italy).

We ship our products throughout Europe, including Germany, Austria, France, Spain, the Czech Republic and the UK.

In addition to innovative materials for work and creativity, the company offers its clients qualified support, explaining rules and techniques for working with resins in a simple and accessible manner.

Our contacts


Ферганская ул., 6к2, 109444, Москва

Phone: +7 999 800 6267
Email: info@art-smola.ru


Viale Mazzini 77

19038 Sarzana SP

Phone: +39 3334819266
Email: info@resinpro.it

Make your idea a reality.

Several years ago, epoxy and polyurethane resins went beyond the “building materials” sector and were firmly established as multifunctional tools for hobbies and creativity. It is possible to create a decoration, a statuette, a prototype of a product, an interior item or a tabletop using the same material, namely epoxy resin. Hardened, the resin becomes like a hard plastic. Products made with epoxy resin are durable, easy to maintain and extremely beautiful.